Test Kitchen

What's the best part of being a personal chef? Walking into the kitchen inventing new dishes .

Here are the dishes ... some will make the cut and some will not ...

Abalone sashimi ,  soft shell crab Italian style ,  dim sum ,  charred lamb and rice noodle Asian  plate , Lemongrass Thai Chili squid , iberco ham and poached melon Testkitchenaug19

Prohibition Private Party


Being challenged to do different things is what I do best! When a client came to me and wanted to do a bootleg prohibition cocktail party I jumped at the chance and it came out amazing! 

Do you have a special event coming up or would you like to do something like this get a hold of me and let's talk! 

Here are some pictures from the evening...Prohib1Prohib4Prohib1Prohib5Prohib9


Vintage Ohio Wine & Culinary Fest!

Vintage Ohio Wine & culinary Festival 2018.

I am proud to say this is my third year of being in charge of the culinary chef demonstration tent hiring in chefs from Cleveland Ohio locally and always bringing one in from across the USA.

This year I was sponsored by the Big Green Egg and Cleveland whiskeys bourbon blocks for smoking so we based the chef demonstrations off of grilling which turned out amazing. The Big Green Egg also gave away a grill both days of the demonstrations which was amazing and Cleveland whiskey also gave many of their bourbon blocks out for prizes which made the audience so happy!

My chefs not only demonstrate during this Festival but they also serve you thier beautiful culinary dishes that they demonstrated and we also pair wine so you can eat and drink with us all day! Demonstrations are always to 2:30 3:30 4:30 and 5:30 Friday and Saturday in the beginning of August

I will have the same crew for I have been asked already back for next year for 2019 so stay tuned for details.

My crew this year was

Chef Frank Iacobucci from pranzo in Willoughby

Frank has been with Me 2 years doing this event and will be back next year


Are Infamous hot sauce Guru of Cleveland Ohio FredHot! Fred Stoldt. We also salute him for being one of our brave boys in blue and very happy to have him back for the second year this year as well, he will also be back with us next year.

Chef Marc Ivan Gomez joined us this year from Texas who is a celebrity chef cooking for many celebrities that pass through Texas. He brought a great Latin flare and personality to us this year and I will definitely be having him back next year as well.

And of course I also do a demonstration.

Thank you all who came and had so much fun with us we can't wait to see you next year! 





RIP Anthony Bourdain

I am sickened by this news and may you rest in peace. 
One of my favorites not only because of his amazing talent but his carefree and party what the fuck attitude.

Certified Kosher Meals Available!

I am proud to announce that I have found a certified Kosher meat farm that I am able to provide a certified kosher meal whether it will be fine dining or weekly meal service.

If you have any questions please let me know I'm happy to share exactly where I get my Meats from.


Here is an example of a menu for a fine dining event that I am doing for a kosher family. Being certified kosher I will be bringing no equipment with me but utilizing everything in their kosher kitchen that they have to ensure a certified kosher meal.

Course 1
Frisee salad with an orange lemon vinaigrette imported extra virgin olive oil ,fresh tomatoes and fresh orange segments with micro green
Course 2
Kosher lamb lollipops serve with a mint chimichurri with grilled polenta
Course 3
Grilled norweigan salmon with a sweet soy glaze serve with a sesame jasmine rice and seared snap peas
Course 4
Lemon granita palate cleanser
Course 5
Kosher Truffled filet mignon with sea salt and black pepper corn served with house pickled cabbage baby purple potatoes with a red wine reduction
Course 6
Dark chocolate flourless cake with a raspberry sauce

Puerto Rico : Brunch

I am very proud to donate my time here in Puerto Rico to continue to help all affected by hurricaine maria.

My next event is at Oceanfront Restaurant in Isabella where I will be having a Brunch on February 18. Reservations Recommended.

This event is to help the restaurant recover from the tradegy.

Call today: 787-872-3339


Saturday, November 18

Oh What a Day!


Did you Catch all the action? It was a full day in the life as a chef...The day started pretty fucking early being up at 4:30 am to get ready for my News Segment in whi

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World Food Competitionin Memphis Tennessee.. Team PORKVILLE JUSTICE LEAGUE!

Here is the next exciting Bulletin!


The World Food Championships is a one in a lifetime opportunity to show that you're a BBQ Guru but it is not a simple task to get into the world food championships.


In order to compete at the World Food Championships, you must first win a qualifying competition, publication award or receive a special invitation .

I have been asked by the PORKVILLE JUSTICE LEAGUE BBQ TEAM to join them this may in the world food Championship being held in Memphis Tennessee.

I will definitely be showing you live video and photographs for that fantastic Journey coming in May to share with you all!



Runner Up Winner for Entrepreneur Chef Recipe Contest!

So a few months back I saw there was a contest for entrepreneurial chef.

I have always admired this magazine and wish to be a part of it so much I love everything that they're about so when I saw this contest I thought what the hell.

My next thing was what recipe am I going to use I'm not a recipe chef!

So I sat back and thought what has the most flavor that I make but yet simple that I can translate it over to a recipe that people can understand and Bam...

My squid ink pasta dish with the A2 cream reduction.

And I'm proud to announce that I have 1 runner-up with some amazing prizes!

I cannot tell you what an honor it was to receive that phone call!

I love sharing news like this with all of you because you're all a part of my whole voyage! 

Weekly Dinner Service

Reduce stress and restore precious time to your day.

Farm to Table meal preparation service. Wouldn't be nice to come home to a refrigerator full .......

of meals ready to go?

You have worked all day you have to come home and also make a nutritious meal.

Think about the money that you spend running to the store preparing meals or going out to eat?? You would be shocked of the hundreds of dollars that you really do spend and I guarantee your not eating healthy meals.

I buy organic chicken ,I buy grass-fed beef ,organic vegetables , only fresh herbs  are used...  fresh ground pepper and sea salts for seasoning and all of my dressings and sauces are made from scratch. 

I know what you are eating expand your palette!

If you don't believe me ask my clients who have been with me for over 2 years getting weekly meals.

Don't forget food is medicine what you put in your body is medicine. 

Spend your money on Good Foods to stay healthy.

My cost includes a customized menu each week for you and your family including client assessment, grocery shopping, preparation, premium containers and reheating instructions when needed.

All of my meals are balanced meals complete with a protein and two side choices. I have to be honest I am Italian so you're not going to get perfectly little sized portions so, most likely you will have lunch the next day as well this is probably why I've had such long-term clients I definitely give you your money's worth.

Go visit DINNER MENUS on my website to check out pricing and how to get signed up!


Chopped! Season 34

Did you catch it???
 Kick ass time on #Chopped ! I was very honored to be part of such a special episode challenge?
The suspense....the AMAZING food network staff....the straight faces of those judges.... those damn baskets.... the long hours..... the excitement....... and those goddamn potato flakes ??? 
Bring it on I'll do it all over again and again amazing time and job well done by all chefs! Cleveland Ohio dominated that episode there were three of us on that episode! 
IMG 20171019 081528 304


Everyone .
Don't turn your head take a second

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Borinquen Pop Up Saturday, August 19

Borinquen Puerto Rican Streetfood is Back!

50% of the proceeds benefit our veterans

It is open to the Public, so you dont have to worry about entrance, so come in and...

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Tasty Reviews

Best pop-up experience I have had. The food was amazing and the service was phenomenal. I would recommend this chef for any occasion, from casual to very refined dining engagements. Great job LPD.

- Marc D.-

We have been following Lisa since we stumbled upon her at Geneva On The Lake Resort as a pop up, Borinquen is the Ultimate in Puerto Rican Streetfood, you can not only taste the island, but thier service is beyond words, and we keep bring more friends to her!

-John and Trish Bishop -


Being Puerto Rican, she nailed it...and I love her flair, We are from Cleveland and there is no other that compares

- Ramon and Jessie H.-


Cant wait until your trailer is done, we host outdoor corporate parties at our home throughout the summer and YOU are def going to be there.  Love the Arepas!! You are indeed a truly talented chef

- Diane K.-







Marinated Wood Fired Pork with Melted Swiss , Pickle and Mustard.

Our Jibarito Sammy has our roasted pork, crisp lettuce, tomato and lime-chipotle mayo


Fresh Made to Order , Most everything is Grilled, Is there any other way??


Learning from the best!

Was there any other way to learn then in the mountains of Puerto Rico?

Nah...Ito does everything old school..OUTSIDE!