Receiving a golden ticket to the world food championships in Orange Beach Alabama was the biggest honor I could receive.

Competing with all of my fellow chefs for a week of the most exhilarating competition I have ever attended.

This competition is worldwide. One of the biggest competitions in food sport and my first year competing and definitely not my last.

I placed 14th in the seafood category with a score of 93.065 out of 100!

Top 15 in the world my first time competing, of course now my goal is to definitely reach the top 10. 

You have two dishes to make in which one they give you and the other you create on your own. The structure dish they gave us was mahi mahi. I did an Asian soy sake lemon grass glazed mahi mahi over a sake soak cedar plank grilled.

You have 2 hours to get both dishes done with a 10 minute window to turn in your tray for the judging table

The second dish which was my own I did a smoky cheesy Lobster and Gulf Shrimp grits. I used two different smoked cheeses of cheddar and Gouda, Lots of sponsored challenge butter and lobster broth made from the shells of my fresh lobster and shrimp. After searing pork belly I sauteed my shrimp and lobster in the pork fat topping my grits with the seafood and then the crispy pork belly with scallion. 

I will be uploading the pictures soon so you can enjoy as well!