Athlete Meals

Cleveland Browns.

6 meals every 2 days

??Turkey and chicken meatloaf with garlic green beans and  sweet potatoes

??Lobster w/ white wine garlic butter and olive oil sauce ***** if you want extra sauce put it on your pasta first the little containers are not microwavable*****Wheat pasta/ Salad

??Local farm fresh eggs w/fresh spinach /turk sausage/wheat wrap

??Japanese bfast: steamed brownrice, teriyaki salmon/2 fried eggs

??Tacos: cilantro/onion/avocado/cabbage/chicken tenders/ adobo ancho brownywild ricerice

??Pan fried Trout/sauteed zuchinni/brown basmati rice

????DESSERT!Since you're staying away from dairy I made a homemade apple crisp with two different dairy-free ice creams that are in your freezer.