Certified Kosher Meals Available!

I am proud to announce that I have found a certified Kosher meat farm that I am able to provide a certified kosher meal whether it will be fine dining or weekly meal service.

If you have any questions please let me know I'm happy to share exactly where I get my Meats from.


Here is an example of a menu for a fine dining event that I am doing for a kosher family. Being certified kosher I will be bringing no equipment with me but utilizing everything in their kosher kitchen that they have to ensure a certified kosher meal.

Course 1
Frisee salad with an orange lemon vinaigrette imported extra virgin olive oil ,fresh tomatoes and fresh orange segments with micro green
Course 2
Kosher lamb lollipops serve with a mint chimichurri with grilled polenta
Course 3
Grilled norweigan salmon with a sweet soy glaze serve with a sesame jasmine rice and seared snap peas
Course 4
Lemon granita palate cleanser
Course 5
Kosher Truffled filet mignon with sea salt and black pepper corn served with house pickled cabbage baby purple potatoes with a red wine reduction
Course 6
Dark chocolate flourless cake with a raspberry sauce