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Recipe for Pizza burgers as

seen on the tele!

16 oz grass fed beef 

Chopped oregano, parsley, basil, garlic and olive oil combined (about 2 tbsp full to mix with ground beef)

Kosher salt and pepper for taste

Fresh buffalo mozzarella cut into slices

Ciabatta rolls

Butter for ciabatta to grill

1 package of cherry tomatoes

Garlic chopped

Fresh basil

1/2 cup dry red wine

Leaf lettuce

Provolone or asiago to melt on top of burger


First start your sauce which is easy

Coat the bottom of your pan with vegetable oil and turn it on medium high heat too high as soon as your pan starts smoking throw in those cherry tomatoes and keep them moving at all times until you see them starting to Brown on the outside

Turn your heat down to medium and throw in your garlic and saute then throw in a half a cup of red wine cover and let simmer for about 25 minutes stiring intermediately. Add a little salt and pepper for Taste turn off and set aside

Grab that beautiful grass-fed beef mix in that medley of chopped basil parsley and oregano with the chop garlic little bit of salt and pepper and mix it all together

Form a nice 6 Patti carefully with a sharp knife slice in half and lay two slices of your mozzarella close the burger and form the side so it's sealed in.

Put in the refrigerator immediately

Now let's grill that ciabatta bread.

Lightly butter your bread I use kerrygold butter the flavor is unreal but you can use any kind of butter you want

In your grill pan or on your barbecue grill lately Grill your ciabatta bread and take off

Now go grab those burgers and throw them on the grill cooking each side carefully please don't forget when you turn on your grill if you have a gas grill please make sure your grill is hot enough for all your food will stick to it this actually goes for charcoal and your grill pan as well

Now yank those Burgers off the grill put it on your bun throw a slice of your provolone or your asiago then your leaf lettuce and now you're tomato yumminess put on the top of your bun slice and watch the mozzarella ooze out.

On TV I grilled some sliced up peppers but you can actually top your burger with whatever you would like.


Seared Snap Peas.

I love seared snap peas they're so easy but they're also easy to screw up.

Get your pan on high heat smoking coated with vegetable oil

As soon as it starts smoking throw in those snap peas and keep them moving don't let them sit too long in the pan or they will burn.

You'll start to see your snap peas get blackened marks as soon as you see this yank them out of the pan throw them in a bowl sprinkle some sea salt and fresh Cracked Pepper and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and toss serve immediately.


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