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We are having some fun with Labor Day this year by

bringing an old favorite back! But of course we are going to put a nice twist.

We had fun on Facebook listing all different types of different foods for Labor Day but one stood out to me.

The one that I chose was from my friend Ryan Juist.

The school time favorite...


Even though I loved it and I think back of that wonderful slop that slid down my throat that was available only on Tuesdays... we are going to soup up the sandwich.

We are taking a nice organic grass-fed beef and a little Berkshire ground pork making a burger out of it and stuffing it with fresh buffalo mozzarella then we're grilling it and slapping it upon a grilled ciabatta bread with some cooked down fire roasted cherub tomato sauce shaved asiago cheese and some fresh leaf lettuce.

And instead of soggy tater tots on the side we are making pan-roasted smashed baby potatoes with sauteed garlic.

Not only will the kids devour but I think you parents will love is well.

We are also going to have some homemade sangria and a white wine spritzer cocktail.

I will also be doing a live giveaway on Facebook for a sangria kit including the wine!

You're not following me on Facebook you better follow I do giveaways all the time.


If you're interested in these recipes please fill out the contact form on my website so you can make all this deliciousness at home!

See you tomorrow!