Tapas Menu , Friday August 18

If you're looking through my website you'll notice the Tapas menu which

is a lot of the most popular items but I Custom Design each menu for each event for example this specific client that I have I write a specific designed menu every dinner that he has so you know the saying no two snowflakes are always the same well no two menus are always the same!

Later I will post the wine and beer pairings that I have chosen to stay tuned.


Tapas...Wine and Craft Beer Pairing Dinner 
Aug 18st 6:00pm 
“SURF & TURF SEA SCALLOP CEVICHE topped with French ossetra malossol caviar, served in edible spoon accompanied by char grilled veal , wilted turnip green
GRILLED BREADCHEESE & FRIED GREEN TOMATO , with baby arugala  , fig basalmic 
glaze and truffled olive oil 
SEARED WAGYU SKIRT STEAK chimmichurri sauce and tomatillo salsa, fried maduro plantain and fried breadfruit tostone.
Blood Orange Sorbet
EMPANADA of grassfed angus beef chargrilled with crème fraiche , spicy pineapple salsa  
RICOTTA GNOCCI tossed with fresh basil, tomato A2 cream and prosciutto 
A2 cream lavender ice cream with local honey and “honeycomb” toffee