Borinquen! Nuevo Puerto Rican Streetfood




Borinquen! Geneva VFW! Open to the public on the days we are open all are welcome 50% of the proceeds benefit our veterans come on down!! For dates email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!



Nuevo Puerto Rican Streetfood was born in the summer of 2015 as a husband/wife and daughter team pop up and took off faster than a cat in a bath.

We are working hard this summer on our recent purchase of a food trailerand will continue to pop up where ever and whenever! We are currently at Cebars in Madison , Ohio the 1st Thursday of every month (see below)

The Menu at Borinquen reflects my Farm to Table eclectic style bringing old school traditional Puerto Rican food I learned from my travels and husbands family in Puerto Rico. The Menu is Simple, and quite affordable, why shouldn't everyone be able to eat good right?

 Our Pork is marinated in my "criollo" of fresh oranges , limes, lemons, herbs and seasonings brings the flavors of the island right on your tongue, as our pork is roasted indirectly over a wood and charcoal heat source along with Pinchos (kebobs) of chicken, pork and Shark...YES! Shark! The Shark is marinated in my homemade citrus garlic mojo

Sweet Plantains with Roasted Garlic Mojo sauce and more!


Gandules and Rice also makes the menu. 


Nothing is Spicy,  But I have some of my favorites from Local Cleveland Hot Saucier Fred Hot! fredhot








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