Weekly Dinner Plans



Weekly Meal Plans! You don't have to have a monthly commitment order when you want and how many you want! It's that easy! 

Reduce stress and restore your day. All meals prepared are locally sourced from farms, butcher shops and local Heinen's grocery stores. 

Menu is listed here and my blog every Thursday  Decide which meal(s) you would like and message by NOON Saturday 

Freedom to Order 1 to all of the meals!

Menu items and previous week menu pictures on on my Blog.


EACH ENTREE is between 2-3 dinner servings or 4 to 5 servings for luncheons.

If you are on a low-carb / starch diet just let me know and we'll double your vegetables.

Choose as many as you want and how many of each you want

 WEEK OF Aug 19


We are going to get the kids ready back to school it's add some fun Comfort foods to the menu!! 

Each menu Choice serves up to three people for dinner or many more servings if used for lunch portion. 

Please fill out the contact form on the website to order..... you will be sent a secured invoice for you to remit payment. All instructions on deliveries are below.

if you don't feel like searching LOL here's the email



Smoked Salmon Linguine with Basil, Asparagus, and Lemon Mascarpone......silky mascarpone sauce over linguine with dill and lemon , sautéed mixed vegetables and asparagus to add a crisp-tender balance.

Slow roasted lamb with fire roasted tomatoes and grilled polenta

new zealand lamb roast with an espresso chili rub sliced a top seasoned grilled polenta topped with fire roasted tomatoes and onions. Serve with roasted cauliflower

Grilled Angus strip steak medium rare served with fresh grilled sweet corn and grilled asparagus.. steaks will be grilled medium-rare so you can finish at your desire at home.

Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad ....the perfect summer salad of fresh grilled ahi tuna and a mixture of wild greens, fresh green bean, baby potato, farm fresh egg and tomato with a honey white balsamic tarragon Dijon vinaigrette.

Beef or Chicken Pho

Ginger and lemongrass flavored broth that you top with with marinated thin sliced beef or chicken, soft poached egg, fresh cilantro, udon noodles and vegetables for the perfect noodle bowl meal.Served with a ponzu cucumber salad

Blackened Cod

with Garlic Aioli and Corn Salsa......

Cod fillets get rubbed down with my smoky-sweet spice blend, then seared to crisp perfection. The spice crust is balanced by a drizzle of cool, creamy, lemony aioli. Pair with a salad of avocado, tomato, and corn cut straight from the cob, and complete your salute to summer


Chimichurri steak with roasted squash and potatoes.

The taste of a Latin world in this dish with adobo marinated grilled flank steak top with chimichurri sauce foods with perfectly seasoned and roasted squash and baby potatoes

Delivery Days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Arrangements must be made for delivery for food will not be left outside . Deliveries are made between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m..

 Orders are Due on Saturday at NOON

Each choice $60 which serves up to 3 and you can pick as many menu items as you wish!

Email me your choices and a secured invoice will be sent to you that you can put in your address information. You can also pay by cashapp or venmo.

There is a 25% service fee added to every total. (30%  for anything past  the area of Chagrin Boulevard this includes Medina  /Cleveland)  are given with every delivery with heating instructions  via email or print (sometimes my printer does not cooperate  LOL ) After regular ordering of at least 3 different times a one time yearly $50 fee for containers will apply. 

All containers are to be returned each week washed Or charges may occur


Grilled herbs, top with a crispy buttery parmesan and parsley bread crumb. Served with a wild green salad and Artesian French roll


TO ORDER:  Fill out the Contact Form Here.

This cost includes a customized menu created each week for you / family,  including  client assessment, groceries, shopping, cooking, premium containers and leaving reheating instructions.


  If You require dietary modification, additional fees may apply 


 25% Service Fee is added for all services. 

Monthly Ongoing Meal Services must cancel 2 weeks in advance.


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missing a favorite? something you would like to try?