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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

― Hippocrates


My weekly menus are made  with  premium  high Quality Meats and Vegetables. Non GMO, Organic and hormone - antibiotic-free. All dinners are made strictly from scratch from start to finish. Fine dining weekly meals after a hard day...... you deserve the best. 

Each menu item serves 2 people so order accordingly. Minimum of 2 choices for delivery. You can pay monthly to save time. Please enquire if you uave any questions. Im always here to help and answer!

Don't forget but if you need a simpler menu for your diet , you can just tell me that you would like either simply prepared baked / sauteed / grilled chicken fish or pork or seafood with your choice of two sides ...it can be two vegetables or a starch and a vegetable but very simply prepared with olive oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, coconut oil. Butter will not be used. Only light seasonings will be used. ( each serving is $20 per serving , so now you can order as many serving as you would like of each menu item with a minimum of 2 choices ( 4 servings)

Delivery Days are Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday and Thursday. Arrangements must be made for delivery for food will not be left outside . Deliveries are made between 2 p m. and 5 p.m.. this has changed slightly because of covid-19 and everything is updated on my blog but will return to normal as soon as the epidemic is over.

 Orders are Due FRIDAYS

Email me your choices and a secured invoice will be sent to you that you can put in your address information. You can also pay by cashapp or venmo or Zelle.

There is a 20% delivery fee added to the total.


There are updates on the Corona virus on my blog. Please advise.


TO ORDER:  Fill out the Contact Form Here.

 NOTE...ALL FOOD MUST BE REHEATED AT 350° to ensure proper food temperatures. Some foods are cooked partial to ensure the perfect reheat... Make sure your chicken pork and beef is cooked at the right temperatures. Though some may like a medium rare steak others will like well done, but do be sure your pork and chicken is cooked at 170 degrees. 

This cost includes a customized menu created each week for you / family,  including  client assessment, groceries, shopping, cooking, premium containers and leaving reheating instructions.


Monthly Ongoing Meal Services must cancel 2 weeks in advance.


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missing a favorite? something you would like to try?