"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."― Hippocrates




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Farm to Table Weekly Meals 

Contactless Delivery.

Every Tuesday evening I post a menu on the blog of my website and my social media.

Orders are due Saturday for the following week , as soon as I receive your order and delivery location I will let you know what your delivery day will be .

You can place your order via Email or if you're with me on social media you may inbox me.

Special dietary changes are always welcome at no extra fee.

( keto...low carb...allergies...plant based ...vegetarian...)

Personal service at your best!

 Dinner Parties

Private Dinner Parties 

You can make payments all the way up to one week before your event to help your budget. Monthly payments are available at a low cost! 

 unique, one-of-a-kind menu just for you, based on your preferences.

So many different options for you between fine dining events, casual upscale dining events, full-service BBQ sit down or casual events.

Whether you are having a Romantic Dinner for 2, or a  Celebration for 20, you will feel like a guest in your own house.

There is only one table tonight. YOURS

The guest of honor will shine in the spotlight, while your dinner guests are left speechless. From the quality of the food to the presentation, your next Event or Celebration will be spectacular. Every menu is created specifically for each and every client. Your options are endless you are never stuck with a set menu.

This is a full-service event.

Chargers, linen napkins, silverware, printed menus, bottled water, water glasses and wine glasses ( if you choose wine)

All appropriate plateware for the dinner. I provide all of my own cookware for the meal and bring everything I need to prepare your meal. Bartenders are also available upon request.

Cocktail Parties / BBQ Events/Pop Ups

Cocktail parties are great for smaller parties with passed Hors D’oeuvres, Canapés and small bites. Some examples of having a cocktail party with passings include, but are not limited to: Open Houses, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Grand Openings, Wine Tastings, Bourbon & Whiskey Tastings, etc.

Staff as well as Bartenders for your event if needed.

Create a unique menu around your theme.



Are you a restaurant or business owner with that would like to host a pop-up? Chef Lisa will work with any theme or event that you would like to put together to add a unique culinary experience to you and your business.



These events are perfect for a fun backyard event, venue and even your Yacht Club or special event that you are hosting.

 Like the fine dining events ,  together we will put the perfect BBQ menu together.


Looking for something different? I am open to any of your suggestions to execute what you need.