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BORINQUEN PUERTO RICAN STREETFOOD is back again at the conneaut Beach, the Dunes Beachfront grill. 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Sunday July 21st. The slow roasted pork sandwiches, the Cubano the jibarito, tostones, pinchos ( pr style kebobs) and this week's special will be farm raised beef empanadas with cheese served with pico de gallo








Deliveries  are Monday-Thursday

Keep in mind that every menu item grilled or Chef's menu is 2 large full servings for each person.

If you are a Vegetarian, I substitute plant protein but you get the same flavor profiles as I do with all of my vegetarian clients, mostly off the chef's menu, off the Grilled menu I can do grilled meatballs or Smash Burgers.


*** I wanted to update the Bento boxes, and I'm excited to announce that I've added dried fruits and dark chocolate covered almonds to both the egg and cheese Bento and the charcuterie Bento . no price increase, same price


Payment is due at the time of your order unless arrangement has been made.



Be sure to check  regularly to see upcoming public and private Events!

All orders are due by Fridays. 

Monthly, prepaid and weekly prepaid clients. If you are not going to order, I always ask that you let me know so others can get their orders in.


 Email you order here

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 ( this menu stays the same weekly)

all of my barbecue is done on the Traeger grill.

Meats come from local Ohio veteran-owned Farms. Contraban Farm, Quazy Quail Farm, Byrnes Family Farm and Kern Family Farm.


Pick one protein and then two side dishes. Each protein and  two sides will be two servings. For example grilled chicken breast with green beans and corn you'll get two servings of the chicken two servings of green beans and two servings of corn

Please note all of my barbecue comes with a dry rub using premium rubs from small craft spice companies,

I do not include barbecue sauce. If you would like barbecue sauce on the side please let me know! 



Are Here!


Your smash burger is from my local farmer ( Contraban Farms) freshly ground and aged for 17 days. The best flavor.

Smashburger is cooked over high heat with a lot of pressure, which helps the beef develop a deep, rich crust.

The browning process that happens is officially called the maillard reaction.

Each order which is two servings is a whole pound of farm fresh ground beef, a half a pound per person

Basic smashburger. Two patties and a bun with white cheddar cheese and pickles on the side.

Add ons: lettuce and tomato ( as 1 add on) 

Raw red onion, crispy onions, pan fried egg with a little bit of a runny yolk, bacon,mushrooms.guacamole

All add-ons are $0.75 each

You get two sides from the grilled menu..


If you liked the Cornish game hen these are 10 times better!

This will be replacing the Cornish game hen, which is locally raised by a veteran farmer! Free range and premium and natural feed.


( Off the land)

Wings( 4 lg Whole organic wings per person) 

Grilled  strip steak( two 12oz steaks) 

Grilled chicken breast( 2-3 breasts, depending  on size)

Grilled chicken thighs( 4 thighs)

Grilled salmon

Grilled pork chops( 4 bone in chops)

Grilled pork loin( 4 thick cut chops)

 Grilled Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs ( whole rack serves 2)

 Grilled pork tenderloin ( you get the whole tenderloin to split between two)



choice of asparagus , green beans, broccoli , cucumber and tomato salad with red onion , smoked mac and cheese white balsamic slaw , bourbon bbq beans , roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes , roasted squash, corn on the cob, chopped salad or pesto penne pasta

 If you need to substitute any of the side dishes please just let me know!




All salads come with rustic bread.

All Dinner salads are $20 each and they come with  10oz of protein. Salad containers hold 32 oz.





Chopped romaine lettuce for the base, topped with garbanzo bean, roasted red pepper, tomatoes, a variety of Italian imported meats, aged provolone, house made vinegar, pepper rings or peppercini. Served with my homemade red wine Italian vinaigrette


Chicken or Salmon Caesar

 Grilled chicken tenders or wild salmon. Crisp chopped Romaine, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing and anchovies.


LPD Chef

 Wild Greens, strips of Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, chunks of ham off the bone, turkey breast, farm.fresh egg, cucumbers , tomatoes and radish. Red wine vinaigrette



Green Apple and Walnut salad with Grilled Chicken Tenderloins

Arugula and spinach greens, red onion, cucumber, radish, walnuts, cubed green apple, tomatoes, dried cranberries and feta cheese. Apples cider and lemon vinaigrette



Truffled Steak salad

 Wild Greens, tomato, radish, cucumber, sliced black truffle seasoned steak, farm fresh egg red onion. Served with Crispy onion for a crunch. Mustard seed vinaigrette

Cobb Salad

 Chicken Breast, Avocado, Red Onion, Blue Cheese, Bacon, Tomato, farm fresh egg , cucumber and chopped Romaine






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( THIS changes weekly)



 Pasta dish of the Week

Angel hair pasta with fresh tomato sauce 

Garden fresh plum tomatoes made into a quick sauce with fresh basil, angel hair on the side. Served with sliced grilled farm-raised steak lightly seasoned with black truffle. Serve with side salad



Sesame chicken teriyaki with cilantro

Classic Asian dish with my sesame sauce, and fresh cilantro served with snap peas and steamed jasmine rice or lo mein noodles your choice!




Crispy panko chicken nuggies! 

I know you guys love these so I try to bring it back as often as I can. 

Crispy panko crusted organic chicken fried in peanut oil for best flavor! Served with roasted red skin wedges and your choice of steamed French beans or broccoli, tossed an extra virgin olive oil and Celtic salt.




Great summer dish! 

Traeger grilled organic chicken or fresh salmon kabobs.

Summer squash is coming in from the garden so I'm going to be doing a grilled summer squash with red onion and feta. 

Served with your choice of my extra virgin olive oil and Celtic salt drizzled French beans or broccoli or asparagus.






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$10 ea 

 These boxes are healthy and delicious and 500 calories and under 500 calories a piece! These will be a part of every weekly menu each and every week a minimum order is ordering by themselves or great add-ons to any of the weekly meals.

Organic ingredients. Perfect for meal replacement or a snack in between meals to cut down your eating. ( I have been doing Bento boxes for over a year and noticed when I would eat in between lunch and dinner I would really cut back on my dinner eating so now I'm sharing this with you because of My Success! )

These are a great add-on for your weekly dinners they are not sold separately


BOXY1.....Egg and cheese bento...Contraband Farms  Farm Fresh hard boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper, organic apple ,dried date, dark chocolate almonds, sweet and salty almonds, healthy crackers, cheese Variety in organic peanut butter

BOXY2.....The charcuterie bento...Variety of imported cheeses, nut mix, cured meats , organic grapes, dried fruits and dark chocolate covered almonds

BOXY3......Organic chicken in Hummus BentoOrganic chicken tenders, homemade hummus with extra virgin olive oil, pita bread, baby carrots



Sometimes similar foods will be substituted if they are not up to the standards that I desire. For example sometimes avocados when you cut into them aren't the best so I will give extra of a side dish to replace that avocado that I didn't feel should be served.*****



Each menu item is two servings ($40).. a minimum of two menu items must be ordered or one menu item and to dinner salads or 4 benty boxes., which would total $80.

Any combo you desire with an $80 minimum.

. There is a 20% delivery fee with every order.

( additional dinner servings will be at $20 per serving)




  Monday.,Tuesday ,Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m. . I have a broad delivery map pretty much all over the greater northeast Ohio map area, if you're in doubt just ask that I pretty much guarantee I deliver to you!


Payments are Due the day you order, Unless arrangement with the chef has been made.

Cash , check,  Zelle or venmo.

Orders Are due by Fridays. This includes prepaid clients.

If you are not prepaid the earlier you get your order in the better chance in the week to get an earlier delivery date in the week. This is because I am the one cooking and delivering your food each day. 

Prepaid clients pay anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, this ensures their exact delivery day which is secured every week.