There will be no deliveries on Monday because of an event that I have.

Deliveries will be delayed by one day next week. Some people may still receive their deliveries on their regular delivery days except for Monday. I will let everyone know by Saturday morning at the latest of their delivery day .


 GRILL MENU ( this menu stays the same weekly)

Pick one protein and then two side dishes. Each protein and  two sides will be two servings. For example grilled chicken breast with green beans and corn you'll get two servings of the chicken two servings of green beans and two servings of corn

Please note all of my barbecue comes with a dry rub using premium rubs from small craft spice companies, B&B charcoal and Traeger. I do not include barbecue sauce.

If you would like barbecue sauce on the side please let me know

Grilled 1/2 local contraban farms chicken( serves 2)


Grilled sirloin strip steak

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken thighs( 4 thighs)

Grilled salmon

Grilled pork chops

Grilled pork loin

Grilled cornish game hen

 Grilled Baby Back Ribs( whole rack serves 2)

 Grilled pork tenderloin

Sides...choice of asparagus , green beans, broccoli , cucumber and tomato salad with red onion , smoked mac and cheese white balsamic slaw , bourbon bbq beans , roasted potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes , roasted squash, corn on the cob, chopped salad or pesto penne pasta

If you need to substitute any of the side dishes please just let me know!



Chefs pasta picK of the week..


 This dish is from the south of Rome but north of Naples Italy.

 Tubular pasta tossed with a fresh sauce of fresh tomatoes Capers , extra virgin olive oil and fresh ahi tuna steaks topped with fresh basil.  This will be served with parts of Romaine salad with parmesan and garlic bread


Ginger Shrimp or Chicken with Broccoli

 A very light and fragrant Asian dish.

Your choice of sauteed shrimp or organic chicken sauteed in a ginger garlic sauce served with steamed broccoli and Jasmine rice

Organic Liver & Vidalias

 This liver is from the cattle that I buy from my local farmer( Contraban farms) which is a Angus and Hereford breed. Gorgeous liver. The liver will be soaked in Snowville Creamery milk then a light coating of flour and sauteed and butter with sauteed onions topped with fried pancetta. Served with your choice of roasted potato or whipped buttery potato, green beans or broccoli which will be tossed in my olive oil and sea salt


Homemade Sausage and Peppers.

Homemade pork sausage sauteed with peppers and onions.  Served with roasted red skin wedges. Served with cheesy ciabatta bread toast


Maple Glazed Wild Atlantic Salmon

 Fresh wild Atlantic salmon pan fried and glazed with my homemade Ohio maple syrup glaze. Served with olive oil and sea salt fresh asparagus and your choice of rice pilaf or Israeli style( the larger couscous not the Teeny ones)  parsley couscous






 These boxes are healthy and delicious and 500 calories and under 500 calories a piece! These will be a part of every weekly menu each and every week a minimum order is ordering by themselves or great add-ons to any of the weekly meals.

Organic ingredients. Perfect for meal replacement or a snack in between meals to cut down your eating. ( I have been doing Bento boxes for over a year and noticed when I would eat in between lunch and dinner I would really cut back on my dinner eating so now I'm sharing this with you because of My Success! )

These are a great add-on for your weekly dinners they are not sold separately


BOXY1.....Egg and cheese bento...Contraband Farms  Farm Fresh hard boiled eggs with sea salt and pepper, organic apple oh, sweet and salty almonds, healthy crackers, cheese Variety in organic peanut butter

BOXY2.....The charcuterie bento...Variety of imported cheeses, nut mix, cured meats , organic grapes

BOXY3......Basil mozzarella tomato bento...Beefsteak tomato layered with fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella with balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil sea salt and pepper served with ciabatta crusty bread and fresh grapes

BOXY4 .....Organic chicken in Hummus BentoOrganic chicken tenders, homemade hummus with extra virgin olive oil, pita bread, baby carrots


Sometimes similar foods will be substituted if they are not up to the standards that I desire. For example sometimes avocados when you cut into them aren't the best so I will give extra of a side dish to replace that avocado that I didn't feel should be served.*****

Each menu item is two servings ($40).. a minimum of two menu items must be ordered.

( additional servings will be at $20 per serving)

Deliveries are Monday.,Tuesday ,Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 3 and 7 p.m. . I have a broad delivery map pretty much all over the greater northeast Ohio map area, if you're in doubt just ask that I pretty much guarantee I deliver to you!

Payments accepted  ..

Cash ( which will be due the day of delivery ) check, Zelle.

Orders Are due by Fridays by everyone.

This includes prepaid clients for my orders start going in by early Saturday mornings. If you are not a prepaid client it is a first come first serve basis otherwise prepaid clients get to choose their delivery day if it is not sold out and be locked into those days.

Weeks can get very busy sometimes with my regular clients so the earlier you get your orders in the better chance of a earlier in the week delivery date


Prepaid clients have thier preferred  delivery date saved each week.



The reason being that I sell out so very quickly is that I have prepaid clients and long-term clients meaning I have clients that will pay 2 to 4 weeks at a time for a guaranteed spot whether I'm sold out or not for their slot is saved each and every week for the weeks paid and I fill in the rest of how many more I can take for that day.

When you become a prepaid client however many weeks that you pay never expires meaning if you go out of town or if there's an illness or if I'm out of town then we would just skip that time period and pick up again the following week or whenever you're ready again to order,

BUT the courtesy of this package is that you let me no either the night that I post the menu for the following week or by Wednesday before that you will be not ordering for the following week so other people can put their orders in that are not prepaid.

This service works out so very well with everybody's busy lifestyles and you do not lose out on any of the money that you spend for you can use it whenever you need. 

However many orders you think you and your family will need. If you need to add no worries you can do that and pay the difference at delivery or electronically. Send me an email and let's get you started!