My promise to you, my clients

Customer service and personalized service has really gone by the wayside. I cannot tell you how many times my clients have just thanked me to the point where I'm almost taken back of how many times I'm thanked for my service that I provide and I think to myself, when you pay for a service you should be treated like a rockstar. You deserve every bit of Five Star Treatment. 

And then I'm thinking wow customer service has really gone down the tubes, people don't go out of their way for people anymore.
I grew up being exposed to that detailed customer service, you know the kind I mean ....
The maitre'd taking care of your every needs,  the concierge service, I guess everything that I've been exposed to I combined into one into my personal service because I am your concierge I am your assistant I am your chef I am your everything that you need for your event.
It's how I function at every event.
You deserve the best treatment you are paying for a service and you should be treated as so.
-chef lisa