Good morning everyone well today is an important day for not just me but all of you for I head to kempfs amish butchering to go pick up my steer from my local Farm.( Contraban Farms Ltd ) this is the other reason why I am able to keep my prices the same and not raising any of my prices.


I myself knew with this economy what was happening so I started investing my money into whole cattle pigs. Etc...and going to my farmers to buy in bulk.


Buying small quantities were more expensive and I knew that that was going to happen so to continue my farm-raised this is what I did not just for my family but for all of you to keep that quality without raising any prices since we're all being gouged out there as it is. I am here for you, my consumers to give you the very best that's out there to offer.


So I thank you for all of your support throughout the years also my Farmers cannot thank you enough, we definitely need our farmers so you're supporting all of us


I love that he chose this butcher for they age their beef 14 days and they do such quality work!