Thanksgiving week

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving, there will be no deliveries for the holiday week but I will be posting a menu Tuesday November 22nd for the following week going back to a normal delivery schedule. Deliveries will go back to a normal schedule after the holiday week. I also want to welcome all of the new prepaid clients Welcome to our family!

Jane, Jenna and KT! 




 Many are inquiring on how to become a prepaid client.

The reason being that I sell out so very quickly is that I have prepaid clients and long-term clients meaning I have clients that will pay 4 weeks at a time for a guaranteed spot whether I'm sold out or not for their slot is saved each and every week and I fill in the rest of how many more I can take for that day. 

When you become a prepaid client however many weeks that you pay never expires meaning if you go out of town or if there's an illness or if I'm out of town then we would just skip that time period and pick up again the following week or whenever you're ready again to order, but the courtesy of this package is that you let me know ahead of time no later

( course I let you know a week ahead of time as well the Tuesday before) 

than the Friday before that you will be not ordering for the following week so other people can put their orders in that are not prepaid.

I have been doing this for quite a few years and everybody that has been a ongoing clientele has been very responsible and letting me know which is so much appreciated. 

This service works out so very well with everybody's busy lifestyles and you do not lose out on any of the money that you spend for you can use it whenever you need. You can pay four weeks OR more  at a time.

However many orders you think you and your family will need. If you need to add no worries you can do that and pay the difference at deliver. 

Send me an email and let's get you started!

My prices have stayed true and I have not increased any of my prices since 2019. Buying the farm fresh meats and getting many of my products from the farmers in quantity not only is better for everyone's and my family's health but it helps keep my prices the way they are.