Kosher Dining

Did you know that I also do kosher dinners? 


Kosher dinner just booked for January 8th.

I have worked very very hard the last few years in learning and studying up on kosher dinner service and now I have done a total of eight dinners in the last few years learning different methods for each family is totally different in their kosher beliefs from being very strict to of course a little looser in the dining. Here's the menu selection that they have chosen I'm so excited to put this together for them for this will be kosher dinner number 9. 
These dinners are not exactly the most simplest to do for I cannot use or prepare anything off site or use any of my equipment plates silverware glasses nothing I have to use everything the client has because of kosher restrictions. .
Fish selections will have to be changed to be at the beginning of this dinner service because meat cannot be served before Seafood so the seafood and vegetables will be first and then will proceed to the meat courses.
Portobello Grill...Baby arugula, Hass avocado, grilled sweet onions, fresh corn & aged balsamic vinaigrette
Carciofi alla Giudia Roman-Jewish Fried Artichokes. Crispy fried artichokes with a light lemon smoked sea salt and olive oil.
Kosher lamb lollipops serve with a mint chimichurri with polenta
Grilled salmon medallion with a sweet soy glaze serve with a crispy sesame jasmine rice and
Petit sliced Kosher Truffled filet mignon with sea salt and black pepper corn served with house pickled cabbage, leek ,  red wine reduction