Hello everyone !

We are definitely getting into the holiday season and I adore doing holiday parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's ! 

Themed holiday parties bring so much joy and life to family parties or friends and family parties.

I go all out keeping traditions very strong but of course with a modern twist and having so much fun doing these events with families and clients because it is something that they will always remember for a lifetime,  just like how I remember my personal family holiday parties growing up there's no other feeling of those wonderful events. 

November is pretty much completely booked up except for a few dates. 

I wanted to let you all know that in December every weekend is booked except for New Year's now, so if you are planning a holiday party please let me know so we can plan the best party for you and your guests but it would probably have to be a weekday in December. 

I will be traveling all the way from all over the Cleveland area, Columbus all the way into Pennsylvania for the holidays, even into Florida! 

Whether you would like a drop off service to cut some of the stress off of your family holiday or friends and family party or you want the full service sit down, there are so many options for you to help you out throughout this holiday season.

I discuss every option with you to walk you through your budget options that you have on your budget and everything that I can do to make it perfect.

Just send me an email and let's get started! 

Blessings this holiday season!

-Chef Lisa

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