It is a beautiful day for a wedding! 

When I do events like this my heart is filled with love and excitement for I look forward to setting up a beautiful buffet that the bride has chosen along with her future husband. 
Very tasteful yet casual upscale Barbecue menu I cannot wait to share this with you all today. 
This is set up a little bit different for we will be doing a served Buffet where we will plate for them of all of the items I have prepared after they received their plate they will have their choice of condiments for the plate then they will move on to the salad bar where they can help themselves with a beautiful salad and if they choose to have some made-to-order pasta we also have a pasta station set up with my sous chef AKA my husband doing what he loves making made to order pasta with their choice of alfredo, garlic and oil or marinara with their choice of Parmesan cheese and maybe some hot pepper seeds.
This is set up for interaction with the guests, pampering them with delicious cuisine and a variety of things for toppings... for a light-hearted enjoyable wedding with friends and family of the bride and groom.
Proteins today will be ...
Slow grilled off the Traeger is beautiful Angus roast beef that I will serve with a horseradish sauce, some barbecue sauce and au jus on the side if guests would like some..
Organic chicken breasts grilled simply seasoned with choices of white truffle olive oil spray, hot pepper balsamic, homemade barbecue sauce, black truffle balsamic which will also be delicious on their vegetables if they choose! 
My side dishes will be broccoli florets tossed in olive oil and sea salt and then a beautiful green bean and wax bean with baby carrot medley tossed in Kerrgold butter. All of those balsamics will be a great accompaniment to these vegetables as well if they choose.
I work with all types of budgets giving you the perfect Flair you need for an unbelievable Unforgettable experience.
You should not have to break your budget and you still should be able to have the most delicious meal for you and your guests.
For me...These types of events along with others are about experiencing company and good food. My job is to present this experience. My first concern is never about the money but what I can provide.
Thanks for reading this long explanation so if you got to this point I hope you will watch a long today as this all comes together.
There will be another wedding that I'm doing in a couple of weeks that will be set up with that Brides choices and I can't wait to share with you guys that one! 
Depending on the size of your guest count, this menu that I did above was for 170 people and it was $50 per person. I work with all kinds of budgets the more people you have of course the price does go down. I will provide you and your guests with a culinary experience that will be always Unforgettable.