RECIPE THYME! Squid ink pasta carbonara with escargot and sea urchin

Escargot and Uni squid ink pasta carbonara

1 dozen snails seasoned in garlic butter and fresh herbs in the shell

4 pieces of fresh uni


From the Oriental import store try to find salted shrimp in chili oil oh, you will need one tablespoon


1/2 lb of black squid ink pasta


Pecorino cheese for grating ( best flavor)

Boil your pasta and strain but keep one fourth cup of the pasta water for this will be the base of your sauce

Toss squid ink pasta in olive oil and place in a bowl along with the pasta water and mixed together.

Next little by little grate the cheese and mix until you get approximately about a cup worth next all together with the pasta and the water( this will be the start of your sauce)


Next add your uni and stir that in to incorporate

Now you will take the Salted shrimp in oil and add one tablespoon and incorporate that into the pasta next.


In your pasta dish grate.some of the pecorino and place a portion of your pasta down. Top with your escargot and now grate more parmesan cheese on top of that. I added some nice lemon infused salt along with habanero infused salt for garnish to add a little heat and citrus.

Now just enjoy!


You may have noticed there is no garlic or onion in this dish because the ingredients that I used are not only pricey but full of flavor but I don't want to take away from. ( plus you have garlic butter with your escargot which will add that nice light garlic flavor to compliment)