I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do! 


Hocks, Neck bones and split feet


Sea salt

Fresh cracked pepper







Fresh corn on the cob



Fresh lime

Short grain rice steamed for side dish

One of my favorite Puerto Rican soups.

Definitely warms your heart and soul on a cold day.

This is how I make mine.

First I find Farm Fresh piggy parts. For this makes the best broth with all of that collagen which is also good for your body.

Some people use beef or chicken but I prefer piggy parts.

First I make the broth by simmering the pork with some sea salt.

This'll take a few hours in the meantime get all your vegetables prep into a nice big chunks. When cutting your cilantro chop up all of the stems separate from the leaves , the stems have so much intense labor and you'll use this for the basic broth.

After your broth is done you can add some of those beautiful flavorings of Sofrito and the stems chopped up of your cilantro you're going to save the leaves for last so they don't turn brown/green color you want to keep that nice bright green color so those will gets thrown in at the very last minute before serving.

First fry up your pancetta save a little bit of that grease to cook your rice and throw all of that beautiful crispy pancetta into the broth.

Now you're not going to want to put all the vegetables in it once cuz some of these vegetables are going to cook a lot faster than some of the other ones , the plantains, the calabaza which is squash and the Malanga is going to cook pretty quick so throw in your batata or sweet potato, yautia and ñame 1st. Cook for about 10 minutes and then throw in the rest and simmer until all the vegetables are fully cooked.

Make some white rice on the side for serving and a nice chopped lettuce salad. Balance out the whole meal.

Throw a little bit of cilantro in the bowl and pour that beautiful stew on top of it.

Buen Provecho! 

Enjoy your meal!