Public events this summer with E&H Ace Hardware

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We are kicking off barbecue season with barbecue events as I paired with E&H Ace Hardware stores in Northeast Ohio and these events are sponsored by Traeger grills.


During all of these events I will be doing some type of dish from scratch from start to finish that you can replicate at home.

Not just your typical barbecue but a step up to a little more of a gourmet dinner plate for all the home barbecuers....

We do wonderful giveaways.........

to kick up your barbecue utensils including beautiful Gunter Wilhelm knives and Ace Hardware Store products .... I hope you will come join us and have some fun with us and learn a little bit outside the box of barbecue.

Recipes will be readily available to you after each event! We want to open a whole new world of barbecue for you guys at home. 

Here are some pictures and here is a list of our upcoming events. You can find all these events listed on enh Ace Hardware business page and my personal chef page on Facebook.