Memphis in May BBQ competition 2021

I want to give a big big shout out to the sponsors we had this year for helping us make such a successful Memphis in May World BBQ championship.
We placed very high in many categories including our main category beating out some very big names in the barbecue world and we couldn't be more proud we will continue to work hard to kick it in the ass even harder next year.
Helping us Place such high scores are the products that we use and monetary sponsorship to get us the supplies that we need...
Thank you for your love support and confidence in our team.
4th place in the Kingsford Tour of Champions, 5th place in mustard sauce, 7th place in Turkey and 12th Place in our main shoulder category
B&B Charcoal 
Big Green Egg Ohio 
Green Mountain Grills 
Pete Tranchemontagne Steffon Tranchemontagne 
Tuxton China 
Samuel T Bryant Distillery LLC 
Günter Wilhelm