Memphis in May BBQ competition 2021

It is so good to be back in Memphis to compete with my team alongside of my other barbecue brothers and sisters competing.

This is the mother of all BBQ competitions and is seriously very important to many barbecuers.... all teams mostly got in yesterday and we were there very late setting up and getting everything ready for turn-ins start today

As a team or you can go in by yourself and just do the main category there are different ancillary turn-ins that the team members can participate.


There is the sauces, consisting of barbecue, mustard and vinaigrette Style. There is a turkey turn in, wings Seafood, beef, exotic and chicken


We have 2 turn ins starting today so today starts a very important day for all of us. Sauce, turkey and wing. Tomorrow is my turn in of seafood and the other categories for ancillary, then the boys will be staying up all night to baby those pork shoulders for our main turn in on Saturday.


I will be posting pictures for you all to see! I will be resuming business as normal and getting back to all of my clients the week of May 24th