Memphis in May BBQ competition

Hello everyone! The time has come if you have been following me on social media , you know that one of the biggest BBQ competition is happening next week which is the Memphis in May BBQ competition. This is my fourth year competing with my team and we are so very excited to finally be able to compete again this year! I am very proud to represent Cleveland Ohio for I don't know many that go from our area to this competition. 

Memphis in May is one of the largest BBQ competitions in the United States it consists of a team that has a main pork category along with ancillary categories that all the teammates participate in and we all come together for the big turn in of the main. Ancillary categories include Wings, Seafood, exotic, turkey, sauces, beef and our t-shirt design! This is a week-long of barbecue turn-ins but also a week-long of an amazing BBQ community that comes together as one big family that I am so proud to be a part of.

My category is seafood which I will be doing bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp for my turn in but I will be going live on social media along with posting many pictures throughout my week so I hope you follow and click the link below for my Facebook business page so you can be there with me socially! 

There will be no deliveries until May 24th week for I will be gone for this competition. 

Don't forget I also will be going live with E & H Ace Hardware and Fat Daddy Meats tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo doing pork belly Tacos on the Traeger grill along with Puerto Rican style soup beans and rice also I will be part of the very first Egg Fest in Kinsman Ohio at Shetlers! I will be there along with twelve other barbecuers with free food samples all done on the Big Green Egg and they will have special deals on the eggs as well for you to kick up your barbecue season! 

Don't forget to follow my business page on Facebook for all of my E & H Ace Hardware public events throughout the summer with all kinds of delicious recipes for you to do at home on your grill!  All events are listed under my events on my business page along with other exciting things happening throughout the summer and fall months to keep us all busy and culinary active!


Below I have included some fun pictures of Memphis in May BBQ competition from 2019...