A barbecue event... Thursday March 25th 2021

BBQ events are taken to a whole different level for these are not your typical barbecue events but have that delicious barbecue flavor! 

I amp up classic BBQ adding some fine dining elements...

Mixed in with a little bit of bourbon beer and cigars...

These are great all year around but definitely a winner for spring summer and fall.... 

Like my fine dining, these events are catered towards your perfect flavors meaning there is no set menu, we will put the menu together course-by-course. 

Thursday, March 25th 2021

“A fun evening with friends and beer and the occasional cigar”

Grilled octopus over smoked baba ganoush

Chard organic romaine hearts with lemon infused olive oil and smoked sea salt with fresh ground pepper

Balsamic glazed grilled short ribs with charred scallion

Grilled bananas with smoked maple pecans and Bourbon Barrel maple syrup drizzle