Our way of life has changed but it doesn't always have to be for the negative...

It opens up a whole world for a personal chef or private Chef like myself. A new level of creativity for all the events I have scheduled are coming in left and right and I'm loving every minute of it as it opens up my mind of creativity.

The environment in the restaurants have changed and to some it's just not as enjoyable but when you do an event in your home the world is your oyster! You're at the chef's table with one-on-one interaction with an exciting evening of culinary Delights whether it's for a couple or for a group of friends or maybe a family party.

It opens up a door in culinary life.....and people are booking and opening up their taste buds to a new level!  ( we are finding out how much more fun they have when they're in the comfort of a home)

Vacations have turned into #staycations, anniversaries, get-togethers or just an exciting evening with friends
Welcome to the chef's table.
My Table.
-Chef Lisa