Soup of the week....$15 qt

Chicken noodle soup... fresh organic chicken bone broth slow simmered 24 + hours to make the perfect comforting chicken noodle soup.


Grilled mahi mahi with pineapple salsa on the side, served with lemon olive oil green beans and rice pilaf


Spaghetti frittata.... homemade pomodoro with chunks of fresh mozzarella layered in between fresh pasta. Think of it as a pasta pizza pie. Served with salad, bread and butter


Homestyle usda beef chuck pot roast served with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans.


Herb de Provence grilled pork chops served with smashed herb garlic roasted sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus


Grilled chicken parmesan, a lighter version of the classic breaded. Served with angel hair pasta with pomodoro sauce.