Now offering TWO serving per Order!

So many couples that wanted more variety but only 2 servings of each desired ....you asked and I listened!

$40 per choice

Now offering two servings per order, minimum of two menu items ordered ( each serving is $20 per serving , so now you can order as many serving as you would like of each menu item with a minimum of 2 choices ( 4 servings) you can tell me how many servings you want, but minimum order is two menu items per week. If you do not specify you will get the regular three servings per order.

All ingredients are hand chosen, all organic and antibiotic-free.

If you have special dietary needs and need to simplify, you can choose your own protein and sides. And you do not have to go off my regular menu.


Soup for the week will be homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese and sopressata for $12

Mongolian Steak Stir-Fry with Bell Pepper, Scallions, and Jasmine Rice

Chicken Ragù Linguini with side salad CARB FRIENDLY OPTIONS: SUB VEGGIE NOODLES. Let me know when you order

Chicken Tikki Masala. Served with lemon green beans and Basmati and naan bread

Pan-Roasted Pork Chop with Apple Cider Honey Glaze, Sautéed Greens and hassleback potatoes

Roasted Cornish game, hen with Orzo and Broccoli

Grilled Angus Strip,roasted baby carrots, baked sweet potato with brown sugar butter

Grilled. Mahi mahi with pineapple salsa Served with saffron rice.