Soup of the week

Let's take it back and go to childhood but turn it up just a little..

Homemade tomato soup served with Tillamook Cheddar sopressata grilled cheese sandwich.

$15 per quart/serving

Now offering TWO serving per Order!

So many couples that wanted more variety but only 2 servings of each desired ....you asked and I listened!

$40 per choice

Now offering two servings per order, minimum of two menu items ordered ( each serving is $20 per serving , so now you can order as many serving as you would like of each menu item with a minimum of 2 choices ( 4 servings) you can tell me how many servings you want, but minimum order is two menu items per week. If you do not specify you will get the regular three servings per order.

All ingredients are hand chosen, all organic and antibiotic-free.


You always have the option of choosing a protein and two sides simply prepared for dietary reasons. (Example... Chef, I would like grilled organic chicken low-sodium served with sauteed spinach and garlic and roasted sweet potatoes)


Chickens Ballentine over Angel Hair Pomodoro pasta

Organic chicken stuffed with spinach garlic and herbs sliced over angel hair pasta.

BBQ pulled pork served with macaroni and cheese and sauteed greens with bacon.

Asian style beef and broccoli served with choice of rice or noodles

Grilled salmon ( choice of maple glaze, miso glaze or sea salt and pepper lemon butter) served with rice pilaf and roasted broccoli

Grilled steak street tacos

Authentic street tacos with chopped onion... chopped cilantro... fresh lime. Served with pinto beans and adobo rice.

Sliced seasoned pork tenderloin over wild mushroom couscous, served with garlic herb garbanzo beans.

Honey glazed pan fried chicken breast served with fire roasted tomatoes, eggplant, corn and Brussel sprout.

Penne pasta with Vodka Sauce with  Tuscan chicken served with parmesan flatbread and Artesian salad with Chef's vinaigrette.