All ingredients each week are hand chosen ..all organic and non-GMO. Oils and butters are only of top-quality including kerrygold and imported  olive oils and organic oils .  No canola or vegetable oils are used.  Only  avocado, grapeseed oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oils ensure that you get the best quality to stay healthy and happy! Every dish from start to finish is made from scratch. 

If ever there was something you did not like please let me know! ( don't be afraid to let me know all of our tastes are different!) 


Soup of the Week

Brothy Tortellini soup with Spinach, Basil & White beans. A heartwarming flavorful vegetarian soup! 


Grilled Black Angus Strip served with crispy potato and vegetable of your choice


Grilled Wild salmon with your choice of Asian style or Citrus and Dill. Served with wild mushroom couscous and roasted broccoli


Grilled Lobster and Gouda cheesy grits

Grilled lobster tail sliced upon creamy smoked gouda grits topped with a garlic sauce

*** This dish is an additional fee of $60


Grilled Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad with brie en croute( brie puff pastry crouton) seared ahi tuna served over a bed of organic greens with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, steamed green beans antique roasted potatoes. Citrus Dill vinaigrette


Roasted pork loin with sauteed bourbon apples served with roasted baby potatoes or sweet potatoes, salt and pepper olive oil asparagus.


Sliced roast beef au jus with whip Mash or sweet potatoes  and steamed olive oil sea salt and pepper green beans.


Don't forget but if you need a simpler menu for your diet , you can just tell me that you would like either simply prepared baked / sauteed / grilled chicken fish or pork or seafood with your choice of two sides ...it can be two vegetables or a starch and a vegetable but very simply prepared with olive oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, coconut oil. Butter will not be used. Only light seasonings will be used.

It is $20 per serving with three servings per menu item for a total of $60 per menu item listed. ( each serving will be well over 12 oz of protein per serving and could go up to 16 ounces per serving. When my Farmers give me special pricing I pass it to you and give you more)

Deliveries are Monday through Thursday, depending on your area. Food will not be left outside so I must have access to place in your refrigerator or someone must be home.

Email me your choices and a secured invoice will be sent to you that you can put in your address information. You can also pay by cashapp or venmo.

There is a 25% service fee added to every total. (30%  for anything past  the area of Chagrin Boulevard this includes Medina  /Cleveland)  are given with every delivery with heating instructions  via email or print (sometimes my printer does not cooperate  LOL )