Fine dining event Columbus Ohio menu for Saturday December 14th

Two very romantic countries come together in this dinner and make the perfect marriage.
Dinner for two
Saturday December 14th 2019  Smoked Burrata Salad
House-made burrata cold-smoked tableside with torn aquaponic basil, baby arugala, heirloom tomato carpaccio, lemon balsamic, extra virgin olive oil drizzle. 
Shellfish Paella Risotto
The Bold flavors of Spanish paella of clams, mussels, shrimp and saffron combined with the Rich creaminess of Italian risotto with fried pancetta bring a perfect marriage of flavors between these two countries of romance. 
Bourbon Bread Pudding
Combination of French bread golden raisins soaked in Bourbon, and A2 heavy cream baked golden topped with a creamy bourbon sauce. Accompanied by white chocolate ice cream. #FINEDININGATHOME