Besides the clean healthy eating menu which never changes here is the menu that does each week...... orders are due no later than Friday
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
with Leeks, Carrots, and Spinach
Seared Steak
with Horseradish Cream Sauce and Crispy Brussels Sprouts....savory sautéed shallot, white wine, mustard, and sour cream for a creamy, elevated sauce. Crisped Brussels sprouts and butter-toasted walnuts add warmth and richness.
Panko chicken schnitzel with fresh lemon, creamy brown butter Sage noodles with fire roasted tomatoes. Served with organic wild green salad
Creamy Rosemary Gnocchi
with Roasted Mushrooms and Squash 
Tender potato dumplings, then searing them with butter, garlic, and rosemary for a crispy finish. They’re tossed with oven-roasted butternut squash and cremini mushrooms, then smothered in rich Italian mascarpone cheese for a silky smooth sauce. Served with baby arugula and Parmesan salad
Seared ahi tuna with a creamy ginger lemongrass sauce serve with fragrant basmati rice and ponzu bok choy.


You now have the power to pick and choose your heart's desire for simple healthy eating.

If you need to stay away from butter( I only use kerrygold)  simply pick olive oils, avocado, coconut or grapeseed and   fat-free paleo and keto friendly duck fat spray 


Just like the regular menu all vegetables, carbs and proteins will be organic and farm-raised and hand- selected

 very simple, pick any one protein whether it will be chicken, fish, Beef, Pork Etc. depending on what you choose there may be an upcharge for example Lobster

  then choose your sides whether it will be 2 vegetable, or a vegetable and a starch of your choosing. then tell me how you would like it prepared or you can leave it up to the chef to choose the style and how to prepare! 

For example.....

" I would like steak kabobs grilled with fresh hummus and steamed asparagus"


" I would like to do chicken, steak and turkey this week and you pick the rest and how you want to do it!"

Delivery days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Arrangements must be made for delivery for food will not be left outside . Deliveries are made between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m..

Orders are Due FRIDAY BY NOON 

Each choice $60 which serves up to 3 and you can pick as many menu items as you wish!

Email me your choices and a secured invoice will be sent to you that you can put in your address information. You can also pay by cashapp or venmo.

There is a 25% service fee added to every total. (30%  for anything past  the area of Chagrin Boulevard this includes Medina  /Cleveland)  are given with every delivery with heating instructions  via email or print (sometimes my printer does not cooperate  LOL ) After regular ordering of at least 3 different times a one time yearly $50 fee for containers will apply.

All containers are to be returned each week washed Or charges may occur

There is a one-time yearly fee of $50 for containers that will be charged after you have ordered a few times